Paint tins….

I’ve some lovely little prima watercolour tins for a while now and I do think they are great quality paints, I’ve used them a few times and loved them but I struggle with having to have three tins open to use the colours I want when I want it may sound trivial but its been a very exciting week I got myself a big empty tin for £10 and  now have not only managed to pop all my prima half pans but I also have space to pop some of my favourite Daniel Smith colours and a couple of cotmans too….bloomin marvellous !!! I couldn’t be happier !!! Oh no wait a mo, yes I could ….my Royal Talens Van Gough water colours arrived and well wowsers they are rather lovely…..

So very Happy days with the paints now to get to use them , I have “Blocknote academy art journal summer school” and willowing arts “Ever after” course to be cracking on with so I’m sure they are going to get plenty of use.


I’ve been doing a little more work on the blog today, you may notice the difference or not as I’m taking an age just to do the most simple tasks which is just incredibly frustrating, I am just really clumsy when it comes to the world of tech, actually I’m generally fairly clumsy and the world of tech is quite unforgiving, but I’m getting there slowly. And look I’m using my words too and will be trying to make a concerted effort to continue doing that so I can connect more with the outside world,  so as well as the blog stuff Ive been working on my mermaid paintingmermaid 1 that was inspired by Tamara Laporte’s “Ever After” free taster lesson, the full course starts soon and I’m super excitied !!! as I thoroughly enjoyed the taster #willowingart #tamaralaporte #everafter

Here’s a small update of what I’ve been up to lately, I am absolutely loving Jane Davenports “Express yourself” class which has been really useful, I’m still slowly make my way through Tamara Laporte’s “Lifebook 2017” and am looking forward to “Ever After” starting shortly as well as the fabulous art journal summer school that’s going on through July.

Slow Start….

Its been a while and its a slow start, actually it will be a slow everything and I hope you’re okay with that. Its an interesting experience on my part and a whole shift in mentality. I have been waiting a long time to feel “well” and actually what I have been waiting for is for the “me” that I used to know to come back as she was so capable! The shift is to the “Now” and letting go of the past, so I go forward as this new me who feels how hard day to day activities are ! So the trick for me is having an idea of roughly how much energy I have on an average day and deciding where I want to spend that, spoon theory is really helpful for this (

So I’m breathing life into this project and Ive managed to enlist one of my daughters to take care of the technical side of things which is fabulous and means that is energy that I am not having to use, she is going to deal with all the etsy and red bubble bits for me and help me sort out the video aspect of where I want to take this. Dont get me started on the video element………  it is a little scarey, but I struggle to get anywhere at the moment and video well it means I can work around my needs and hopefully offer something that works for you …..its in progress and coming in September ❤


Gratitude Mandala Design

13612255_10154304472434004_6335226159175859231_nGratitude Mandala Design

Gratitude Mandala Design Okay so this is only my third mandala design so I do not profess to be an expert in in shape or form, due to some lovely requests and very positive feedback I have managed to put a time lapse video together and hope that its helpful to all who asked. Im still figuring out this whole blog thingy so its not very polished. The song is one of my favourite Happy songs “No Rain – Blind Melon ” I have to say this was all Inspired by Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici and her amazing Woman Unleashed online retreat and the lovely Flora Bowley’s Session. And while the madalas have been wonderfully meditative and fun to draw, I have also loved the uncovering of mandala theme, through setting my intention and creating the space for myself, which is richly rewarding to the soul.

As I said I am so gorgeously over whelmed by your interest, and to those of you that have seen my journal girls and like them I will shortly be posting a similar video hopefully followed by something a little more in depth for those that have an interest. Love and Gratitude x