A touch of moonlight


I have been having a bit more fun with the fox stamp set from hobbybase, so as promised, I’m sharing. The moon background features quite heavily, it’s achieved mainly with distress oxides so I thought it might be helpful to break it down into steps. The colours I used are; fossilized amber, picked raspberry, wilted violet, black soot and also a standard distress ink in faded jeans. There are oodles of combinations that would work of course. I start off with masking an area for the moon.

Then I start blending faded jeans ink around the edge while I’m blending I’m trying to imagine which areas would be more illuminated by the moon.

And then it’s black soot

Then wilted violet

Then picked raspberry

Then fossilized amber

As you can see the magic hasn’t happened yet, next I use quite a drippy water spray, I don’t want a fine mist, I want drips and splodges.

Then I gently pop a piece of kitchen roll over to take the big drop off

Once it’s dry I remove the mask and voila.

I’ve also used the same technique on an art journal page

So that’s the whole moonlight background, I will post how I made the 3D card shortly ❤️


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