Circles.. Circles… Circles

I had another couple of bits of rather exciting news, ‘Hochanda’ the craft channel have given me the auspicious title of ‘ambassador’, so I get to be featured on their blog and freedom members magazine. If that wasn’t exciting enough ‘#hobbybaseuk’ have given me a place on their design team, which is absolutely amazing as they have the most amazing range of products to play with. I thought I’d share a little hobbybase make involving a lovely little set of stamps

First things first, it’s circle city, the most relevant measurements are the base circle which is 8 inches and the base mat of the feature stamp is 6 inches, the rest of the circles are made to mat on to these two circles.

I decided against the polkadot grey and went for a plain grey in the end. The next thing I did was to blend the edges with some distress ink.

following on, I got some oxides out and created a colour blend for the circle where the main image will sit.

Don’t be to worried about the initial look, the next step is to spray some water on and let the oxides and distress do their thing.

once the pieces are dry it’s time to stamp around the edges, I started with a pale oxide ink.

give it a little spray of water and once dry enough then it’s a darker distress ink.

Then it’s possible to stick a couple of the layers together.

then I like to use a stamping platform to stamp my images, as it means I can do multiple stamps to get a nice intense stamp, also I am really not very good at stamping and using a platform makes it so much easier to correct mistakes.

once the image is stamped, I like to use a clear embossing powder.

then I cut a small rectangle that my greeting would fit on and repeated the same process as before with zinc oxides.

then it’s the greeting stamp and a little mat.

before layering up the base I cut the top two layers that I’d previously stuck together in half, this way the card folds really nicely.

I layered up the rest of the circles.

and added the greeting.

I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you #lovehobbybase @hobbybaseuk. I have another plan for this stamp set that I will be posting soon ♥


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