Keeping up…

Keeping up is not today’s prompt… it’s today’s action … I’m keeping up, I used a wax resist technique in today’s Facebook live and while I’m absolutely thrilled to be on day 28 of this 30 day challenge it’s been a massive learning curve and an incredibly valuable experience in that regard. I’ve learnt a lot about my physical capabilities and limitations and while I might not like it I now know where to draw the line and sadly I do have to admit to myself this is very much a one off experience it’s involved lots of extra rest and not attending to other needs so it’s definitely a one off that I’m so glad I did and I’m so proud of myself for doing it but it’s not practical to repeat which is not a bad thing to know. I also know I know more than I thought I knew I’ve managed to do these live journal pages for thirty days which is quite an achievement and when I can pin on of my children down to help me pop them on to YouTube, I’ll be uploading them, so that’s a plus too. I did hardly any of the drawing that I had planned to do but I learnt I was happy to let that go and be happy with what I could achieve in this period of time. So I would say this has been a really worthwhile experience and will be moving on to definitely doing more blogging than previously but first I may take a moment to regroup and focus on a more structured format giving the posts a more comprehensive feel… two more days ❤️

Flower crush…

Today’s prompt was “flower crush” so getting floral is what it was all about. I used another gelpress technique today, I really do love using it, I think probably 80% of the pages in this challenge have involved different gelpress techniques, I think that would be a good project, to try and edit the videos from the lives and pop them on my YouTube channel. Today’s technique involved popping rubber bands around a brayer to create a lovely effect on the press. Tomorrow I shall be using watercolours on it ❤️


Today’s prompt is Traffic and the page I did in my Facebook live was very technique based using shaving foam and liquid watercolours through a stencil. I was quite excited to use the water colours as they are made by a brand that I’m going to be doing a bit more work with in the not too distant future “Pentart” I’m currently working on a workshop featuring their products which should be great fun.

I can’t believe it’s the 23rd of April… we are four days away from the full moon and I’m feeling it, its going to be the first super moon of the year, which I’m looking forward to, this moon is called the “Pink Moon” wouldn’t that just be amazing it’s actually in relation to some small pink flowers which are around in abundance at this time as the moon derive mainly from farmers, the moon names are generally common to what was happening agricultural at that time. The moon has played such an important part in farming with the phases dictating crops and harvests for time in memorium. It’s saint Georges day and apparently the start of British asparagus season! So it’s all going on❤️

Confetti …

Confetti is the prompt for today on the Art by Marlene “Happy April fools” challenge, so this is the page I put together as part of my Facebook live in the Thats Crafty Creatives group on Facebook, where I’ve been live every day throughout the challenge. I’ve created a shaker “tip-in” for this page as it seems to fit the theme ❤️

It’s been a couple of days

It’s been a couple of days so I thought I’d catch you up on the latest journal challenge posts, it’s been a really fun challenge and really interesting as part of the challenge rules is that 80% of whatever you do has to be using Art by Marlene products so while it’s no hardship as the products are amazing it’s been interesting trying to keep it fresh for the daily lives and trying to use different techniques so it doesn’t become boring for anyone watching( hopefully). It’s moving on and there’s only another week to go, I feel quite amazed and incredibly proud of myself although I will definitely be taking some recuperating time ❤️


Today’s prompt is bubbles and so bubbles it is, and also exploring “tip-ins” or adding flaps/ extra pages. The phrase “Tip-in” has been coined by journal makers and keepers to describe this element.

I had lots of fun with today’s page using my gelpress for the background, creating the “tip-in” and adding bubbles there were all kinds of techniques that I was able to share on my live.

I had a really interesting conversation with someone today who has like myself struggled with understanding the editing process and she’s given me a few pointers which have actually made me feel quite hopeful about the possibility that I may actually be able to do this, so watch this space and we’ll see what happens here’s my link tree with all my details including my YouTube channel… you never know I may make sense of it all yet ❤️